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Ways to Get More Money from Your Used Car Sale

If you have a used car that you’re thinking can be sold for good money, there are multiple ways of going about it. You could get good money for it and use it to buy a new one, yes—but what if we told you there are ingenious ways to get even more money out of your car?

Get Repairs Done

Of course, if the repairs are major and will cost a ton, we wouldn’t recommend it. A car that’s so badly damaged that it requires extensive repairs is only good for the landfill. But if your car is in a semi-decent condition and will look great with just a few repairs, we totally suggest you go for it. Get it cleaned and washed, make sure it looks presentable and loved, and only then put it up for sale.

This makes prospective buyers comfortable with parting with a good sum of money. 

Sell the Parts Separately

If you’re selling your car because an accident ruined it, have you thought about the parts? Many car parts are still perfectly usable after an accident, such as: 

  • Catalytic converters, which have platinum
  • Used oil and filters, which you can easily extract
  • Batteries, if they weren’t rammed in the accident
  • Wheels and tires, if they weren’t damaged

To put it briefly, you’ll have to look at your car closely and work out which parts you can salvage. Once you have a good collection of parts that can be put to good use, go ahead and sell those separately. Yes, you heard it from us first. Selling your junk car whole will get you money, but selling its parts will get you even more money!

Invest in Your Car from the Beginning

If you don’t yet have a car that you’re willing to part with and are reading this blog for future use, here’s a pro-tip: invest in the wheels. Keep your car well-cleaned and well-greased right from the beginning. Get it serviced regularly so that when the time to sell it finally arrives, you have a banger on your hands. A well-maintained car will always sell for more than a car that shows evidence of never having been loved by the owner. 

Looking for a Junk Car Removal Firm in Oklahoma City?

Head on to Grimsley Autos if you are in Oklahoma City and want to be paid good cash for your used car. You can also reach out to us directly. Sell your cars fast in Oklahoma City—like you’ve never done before. 

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